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Alyana Clare Arrington-Harris was born on June 19th in Oakland, California. She was the eldest of two daughters, who were brought up in a house full of love surrounded by professional women. Her grandmother, Clare Haynes, was a teacher, her mother, Darrah Haynes, a paralegal and her late aunt, Julienne Haynes was a speech therapist.

Growing up in the rich artistic atmosphere of Oakland, California, Sister Harris learned at an early age to appreciate art and literature. She was an avid reader of books, wrote poetry, and acquired the skills to draw. Her family would later relocate to Riverside, California.

In 1998, Sis. Harris married Elder Derek Harris forming a blended family consisting of four children, Alyese, Scott, Anjanique, and Joshua. The Lord soon blessed them with their fifth child, Keith – a seal to this new family. A true woman of God, she raised each of her children in the love, fear and adoration of the Lord.

In 1999, Elder and Sister Harris responded to the call of God and founded Power in Praise Christian Ministries, Inc., where she taught Bible Study, Sunday School, and facilitated community outreach for fourteen years. She is also the founder of Stand and Deliver, a ministry specifically designed to reach broken and hurting women, teaching them the soothing power of the Holy Spirit only our God can provide.

Sister Harris pursued her college education, while maintaining a full-time job, ministry, marriage and motherhood. She gives all glory to God for allowing her to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Educational and Clinical Counseling in 2016, both from Azusa Pacific University. Currently she is enrolled at Grand Canyon University pursuing a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Behavioral Health. By profession, Sister Harris is a high school counselor.

Having walked with the Lord for more than thirty years, Sister Harris is a firm believer that salvation in Christ is more than this world can offer.

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    Stand & Deliver Women's Day
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